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    About Award

    The Russian Sailing Federation and the YACHT Russia Magazine have the honor to announce the establishing of the national award in sailing and yachting as a highest prize for major contributions to the development of the Russian sailing sports.

    The National Award “Sailor of the Year” is the analogue of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards, which is traditionally held during the annual meeting of the ISAF (International SAiling Federation) in partnership with Rolex.

    ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards recognized as the most prestigious in the sailing world. Leading sailors receive it for outstanding achievements in yachting.

    The prize takes its origin from 1994 and at different times its winners were such renowned sailors as Ben Ainslie, Ellen MacArthur, Robert Scheidt, Russell Coutts and the legendary Peter Blake.

    There are analogues of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards in all leading countries in sailing world as Great Britain, USA, France, Germany etc.

    The Russian Sailing Federation in cooperation with the YACHT Russia magazine opens the history of Russian Award – Sailor of the Year in 2009!

    The award is a means of recognizing the leaders of public opinion in sailing in Russia.

    This award is for those who successfully took part in competitions, organized sailing events, participated in the leadership of sailing community, was active in the media to support of sailing, developed youth sailing school in Russia, etc.

    The motto of the Award: “SAILING AS A WAY OF LIVING”.

    Aims of Award:

    • Improving of the role and the prestige of the sailing sport and personalities in Russia.
    • Popularization of the sailing sports and events.
    • Integration of all organizations who actively promote the sailing in Russia.
    • Involvement of state, public and commercial entities and business community to the development of the sailing sports in Russia.
    • Determination of basic trends in sailing.

    Nominees of Award can be:
    Yachtsmen, active members of sailing community, social and political persons, businessmen, media figures etc.

    Information support:
    Award ceremony will be broadcasting by the leading national media: TV, radio, press media and the Internet.

    Award ceremony:
    The official announcement of the National Award results and the prize giving ceremony will take place in Moscow on 3rd December, 2009.

    Organizing authority:

    Russian Sailing Federation

    Office 446, bld. 8, Luzhnetskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow, 119991
    Phone: +7 495 725 47 03 Fax: +7 495 637 09 05
    E-mail: info@vfps.ru

    YACHT Russia Magazine
    Bld. 6, Shubinskii per., Moscow, 121099
    Phone/Fax: + 7 (495) 725 08 94
    E-mail: info@yachtrussia.ru


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