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    The Act
    of the National Sailing Award

    Moscow, 2012

    1. The purposes and the aims of Award

    The National Award Sailor of the Year was launched in 2009. The award is a means of recognizing the leaders of public opinion in sailing in Russia. This award is for those who successfully took part in competitions, organized sailing events, participated in the leadership of sailing community, was active in the media to support of sailing, developed youth sailing school in Russia, etc.

    The motto of the Award: SAILING AS A WAY OF LIVING

    The symbol of the award is a bronze (crystal, glass) Cup, which represents the sails and the pursuit of new horizons.

    Aims of Award:

    1.1. Improving of the role and the prestige of the sailing sport and personalities in Russia.

    1.2. Popularization of the sailing sports and events.

    1.3. Integration of all organizations who actively promote the sailing in Russia.

    1.4. Involvement of state, public and commercial entities and business community to the development of the sailing sports in Russia.

    1.5. Determination of basic trends in sailing.

    2. Organizing and Executive Authority

    2.1. The Founders of Award are Ltd. Russian Sailing Federation (RSF) and YACHT RUSSIA Magazine. RSF is a public organization whose main aim is development of all forms of sailing. YACHT RUSSIA Magazine is a Russian version of famous German magazine YACHT.

    2.2. Founders are sponsoring Award on a parity basis.

    2.3. Executive Authority of Award is Organizing Committee.

    2.4. Organizing Committee formed by founders of Award (Appendix № 1).

    2.5. The Organizing Committee carries out its duties for organizing and conducting Award in purposes of item 1 of this Act.

    2.6. The Organizing Committee takes its fundamental decisions through a simple majority of votes on open voting. If number of votes is equal, the vote of Chairman of Organizing Committee is defining.

    2.7. The Conference of the Organizing Committee is valid, if involves more than half of its members.

    2.8. Functions of the Organizing Committee:

      2.8.1. decide to hold an Award Ceremony;
      2.8.2. issue acts and regulations of Award;
      2.8.3. determine Awards conditions (rules, date, evaluation criteria, stages, etc.);
      2.8.4. determine method of formation of the Jury;
      2.8.5. confirm the Jury and the Chairman of the Jury;
      2.8.6. conduct activities within the information campaign of Award by approved plan;
      2.8.7. coordinate operating with information sponsors in purposes of information campaign of Award;
      2.8.8. consider emerging issues during the Award;
      2.8.9. take other organizational solutions to make Organizing Committee execute its functions;
      2.8.10. organize reception of applications, verify compilation and filing of applications to requirements and conditions stipulated by this Act;
      2.8.11. provide safety and submission of applications for the Jury;
      2.8.12. organize the Conference of the Jury;
      2.8.13. organize the Awards Ceremony;
      2.8.14. organize awarding the winners on the Awards Ceremony.

    2.9. The Organizing Committee has right to:

      2.9.1. refuse in participate, if the nominee does not accord with requirements of the Act of the National Sailing Award;
      2.9.2. propose the candidature of the Chairman of the Jury;
      2.9.3. according with the Supervisory Council to cancel the nominations, where were found abusing the powers of the Jury.

    2.10. Duties of Organizing Committee:

      2.10.1. ensuring of publicity of Award;
      2.10.2. preventing disclosure of the results previously agreed date and time.

    2.11. The Organizing Committee is responsible:

      2.11.1. for defiance of this Act, rules and procedures of organization and conduction of the Award.

    2.12. The Organizing Committee is not responsible:

      2.12.1. for incomplete and illegible applications;
      2.12.2. for wrong or modified by nominee information.

    2.13. The Act of the National Sailing Award is approved by the RYF Presidium annually at the first meeting of the RYF Presidium.

    2.14. Appendixes are integral parts of this Act.

    3. Nominees of Award

    3.1. Nominees of Award can be executives, public figures, independent representatives of sailing community, members of associations, media representatives, sportspersons, sailors.

    3.2. Applications for nominations may be submitted by any representative of the applicant before October 20, 2012 inclusive.

    3.3. Application form filled in the prescribed form on the websites www.vfps.ru and www.yachtrussia.ru.

    4. Award nominations:

    4.1. Sailor of the Year Male

    4.2. Sailor of the Year Female

    4.3. Judge of the Year

    4.4. Coach of the Year

    4.5. Crew of the Year

    4.6. The Best Offshore Sailing

    4.7. Youth Sailing School of the Year

    4.8. For Contribution to the Sailing Sports Development

    4.9. The Best Competition Organizer

    4.10. The Best Covering of Sailing Competitions

      Golden Feather
      Golden Lens

    4.11. Sailing Legend

    5. Registration of participants

    5.1. Applications may be submitted before October 20, 2012 inclusive.

    5.2. Applications are sent out after the announced date or incorrectly filled out or illegible will not be accepted.

    5.3. Nominee may be applied on only one nomination.

    5.4. Person who passed the application for the Award, considered as a party to the nomination from official acceptance of the application.

    5.5. Nominee will be immediately informed about the reception of application by an official letter from the Organizing Committee.

    6. The work of the Jury and the evaluation of nominees

    6.1. The Jury is formed from the heads of RYF, members of the Board of Trustee RYF and members of the edition of YACHT RUSSIA Journal.

    6.2. The maximum number of jury members is 9 persons (Appendix № 1).

    6.3. The Jury members are invited by the Organizing Committee for the Award.

    6.4. The member of the Jury must confirm their participation in writing.

    6.5. The Organizing Committee may propose the candidature of the Chairman of the Jury.

    6.6. Members of the Jury shall elect a Chairman of the Jury at its session by a vote.

    6.7. The Jury determines the Nominees of Award on the basis of expert advice and of roll-call votes.

    6.8. Jury session held on November 1, 2012 at 17.00 in office of RYF at: bld. 8, Luzhnetskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow.

    7. Results and awarding of winners

    7.1. Official results of the National Award and Awarding Ceremony will be held in Moscow in November, 2012.

    7.2. After approval of results by decision of the Organizing Committee Nominees are notified of this by the Organizing Committee or the Executive Authority of the Organizing Committee.

    7.3. Official results of the Awards are published in the media, on websites and www.vfps.ru and www.yachtrussia.ru, through information channels of Yachting Associations and in the records of the Award.

    8. Information Support of Award

    8.1. This Act is provided for review by all persons applying to participate in the Award. This Act is published on the websites responsible for the Award.

    8.2. Award will be fully covered in the media, at the official websites www.vfps.ru and www.yachtrussia.ru, as well as on the pages of publications of information sponsors.

    8.3. Awards preparation and Ceremony includes an invitation to the General Information Sponsor.

    8.4. Rights and duties of Information Sponsor are determined by the sponsorship blocks and by the sponsorship agreements.


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