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    Nominees of The National Award “Sailor of the Year 2010” were announced

    The award is a means of recognizing the leaders of public opinion in sailing in Russia. This award is for those who successfully took part in competitions, organized sailing events, participated in the leadership of sailing community, was active in the media to support of sailing and developed youth sailing school in Russia.

    Nominees for “The Sailor of the Year (male) 2010”:

    • Zagainov Andrew – won the World Championship in 2009 in France (T293), the winner of the European Championship in team racing Mondello Sicily (3 place), the European Championship in the Cadiz, Spain (4 place). The World Championships 2010 in the class “Tehno293” in class “Tehno293 6.8”, 1 place.

    • Zaretsky Igor – became the first Russian yachtsman who won in a single transatlantic regatta Jester Challenge 2010. On 23, May in the English port Plymouth was launched commemorative transatlantic race. There were 24 boats from 6 countries. Russia was represented by three yachts: “Grand” – Igor Zaretsky, “Gerda” – Mikhail Soldatov and yacht “Style” – Alexei Fedoruk. More details on the site RSF..

    • Kuzmin Maxim -the bronze medalist at the World Championships 2009 in class Micro (class “Cruiser”), the bronze medalist at the World Championships 2010 in class Micro, winner of the European Cup 2010 in сlass Micro, Russian Champion in class Carter-30 in 2008, 2009, 2010, master of sports.

    • Murashev Artem – The First Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore – 5th place. Artem won a license in the class T293 at the European Championship (Cadiz, Spain) and was the only representative of Russia at the Youth Olympic Games 2010 in the sailing discipline.

    • Neugodnikov Evgeny– debut, and the third place immediately in the World Championship (class TP52) with the team “Synergy”. Evgeny was named “The Sailor of the Year 2009”, the World Champion in the class “Micro” in 2009, winner of the international match-flight in grade 1 “JAVA Trophy 2009”. Champion of Europe and Russia on the Match Racing 2008.

    • Shaydakov Maxim – current World Champion, Champion of Russia. Winner of all Snowkite competitions in 2008,2009,2010 years. He is also the organizer of the All-Russian competition Snowkite in Rybinsk Reservoir.

    Nominees for “The Sailor of the Year (female) 2010”:

    • Skudina Ekaterina – European Champion 2010, Russian Champion 2010, also the winner of the Kiel regatta 2010 and the Stena Sweden Match Cup’10(grade 1 ISAF) in the crew of women’s match-flight with Irina Lotsmanova (Yekaterinburg) and Helena Syuzeva (Krasnodar). Ekaterina is a director of the Yacht Russia magazine, develops and promotes sailing actively.

    • Pirogova Anna – The first number of the Russian Youth Team in class 470, repeated winner of Russian Championship in the classes Optimist, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial.

    • Shnitko Svetlana – The first number of the Russian national team in the class “Laser Radial”, member of the Khanty-Ugra and Russia teams, the Russian Champion and silver medalist in Russian Championships 2008, Champion of Russia 2010. The champion and repeated prize winner of the Russian Cup in 2008 and 2009.

    • Shuvalov Victoria – the winner of the Russian Championships 2009-2010 in olympic class 470, winner of the Russian Cup 2009-2010, member of the Russian Youth Team.

    Guests awaits a full program, performances of stars and many surprises. The main guest of concert program will be Alexander F. Sklar with his program “Songs of sailors.”

    Have confirmed their participation as guests – stars who are amateurs and professionals in yachting: Garik Sukachev, Alex Dubas, Olga Rustle, Andrew Bill, Sergei Stillavin Anfisa Chekhov, Alexander Nosik and other celebrities.

    Furthermore ceremony was attended by sailors – prominent politicians and public figures:
    Kuznetsov Artem – Chairman of the Board of Trustees RSF,
    Senatorov Vasily – Publisher of Yacht Russia Magazine, Member of the Board of Trustees RSF,
    Georgy Shaiduko – Acting President RSF, winner of the Olympic Games in Atlanta,
    Senatorov Mikhail – Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, Member of the Board of Trustees RSF,
    Karachinsky Anatoly – President of IBS Group, Member of the Board of Trustees RSF,
    Valentin Zavadnikov – Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Industrial Policy, the captain “Synergy”, Member of the Board of Trustees RSF,
    Fedor Konyukhov – famous traveler, and other distinguished guests.



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